DATE – 05/04/2019



I must have been to HAPRC at least 20 times now. Running events as part of the Haunted Live team has allowed me to investigate every possible inch of this unique location, but for some reason, each occasion is totally different. No more so than Friday night, invited by owner and curator Neil Packer, myself and Paul were joined by Vicky Grant of DeadxCentral for the members live feed.

Setting off for the investigation I really didn't know what to expect. There was an air of nervousness, not because of the location or the people that I was investigating with, as both are well known to me, but I think it was mainly due to the format. I've never been a part of the members live feed, neither have Paul and Vicky. We really didn't know what to expect, we weren't sure of how we would be received, but ultimately it didn't matter, the location and the spirits contained had their own idea of how the night was going to pan out.

On arrival we were met by a somewhat excited Neil. The centre is his pride and joy, that's obvious, yet there was something different this time. He seemed almost jubilant, these days I wonder if Neil feeds off of the spirits as much as they do him. He spends that much time there that they probably think that he's one of them anyway! It's actually a great thing to see, with all of the issues that the paranormal field faces, it's very humbling to still meet people that genuinely love and care about what they do.

After fretting about the format and actually getting started on time, our minds were soon put at ease with numerous jokes from Paul as we commenced the investigation in the main room. Now I can't speak for anyone else, but I've always found this room to be the quietest at the centre. From previous experience, the activity that does occur normally comes from one of two corners of the room. As I pointed in one direction on the live, the word 'Fireplace' appeared on Alice. This happened almost simultaneously as I directed the audience towards the fireplace. Although a great start, it didn't stop there. We sat in awe as we heard tapping coming from all directions, the room was alive with activity and filled with a static type energy. The only way I can describe it is like it was buzzing, an undercurrent humming away beneath the tones of our voices. I've never seen this area like it, but we had so much more to explore, and Paul had already set his sights on the seance room.

I've only just thought of this as I'm typing, but as we made our way to the seance room we walked straight past the stairs. Ok, so what? Well, the stairs are normally the go-to area at HAPRC. Yet, for some reason we didn't even mention them - very strange! As we sat around the table in the seance room there was a very oppressive type of feeling. This is the room from our famous Haunted Live where we witnessed the table move. We still can't believe it to this day, but from that night alone we can be fairly certain that there is a very dominant spirit in this area, and we are always on guard because of it.

Initially the activity was slower here despite the energy we were all picking up on. Vicky had bought her Ovilus device, which like Alice pushes words onto the screen through changes in the atmosphere. We again started hearing taps, but then the word 'Poltergeist' appeared on the Ovilus. To me, this shows a highly intelligent spirit. Not only does the spirit know that it has passed, but it then shows an understanding of this word. The spirit isn't just aware of the word, but it then relates it to its own strength and actions. In my opinion, that shows that we could be dealing with an entity that is very much mindful and very powerful. 

We again started hearing loud taps/bangs coming from the main room, whilst also hearing noises from the corridor connecting it to the occult room. While Paul and Vicky continued to address the spirits in the seance room, I decided to sit on the step in the corridor. As I sat in the dark, I stared aimlessly into the occult room whilst listening for noises. It was at this point that I saw the weirdest sight that I've ever witnessed whilst investigating. I hand on heart, saw what I believed to be a frog jump. Yes - A FROG! It was that strange that I was too embarrassed to say what I'd seen. I went back to the seance room and after a short while I just had to mention it, and I'm glad that I did. Neil went on to explain about a recent private investigation that they had performed, if you want to know what it was that I saw then get over to the website and sign up, because I still can't believe how relevant it was.

At this point we were aware that time was against us, so we left for the occult room. It needs no introduction, it's just creepy as hell, if not worse! We decided to do some spirit box work in this area. Thanks to Vicky, we have been testing a new type of spirit box, a fantastic app only with a few slight adjustments. I’m sure Vicky will put the link on the Live feed so that you can all find out for yourselves. We have had some fantastic responses on our DeadxInsight Vlogs up to now, and this session only amplified its effectiveness. I can't cover it all and I won't even attempt to try, but after repeatedly saying "Paul" we were again reminded of the intelligence of what we were dealing with. Vicky then picked up a Bible and asked if she should read from it, to which a voice replied "Don't do it"

We continued with questions, before something extraordinary happened. Paul pointed at a particular item - The Aleister Crowley death mask. He repeatedly asked "What am I pointing at?"

Again, to our amazement, Aleister came through on the spirit box. But it didn't stop there, after hearing it at least three times, a voice came through and spoke his FULL NAME! It was heard by all four of us, how can five syllables be heard over a reverse sweep, and it also be the correct response to what we were asking? We were in shock to say the least.

At this point I would go as far as saying that it was the best investigation at HAPRC to date, but then, it got even better. As we continued the spirit box work, we heard what sounded like a really loud crash/bang in the main room. As soon as it happened, I had an idea of what it was. I ran into the room, yet when we got there it was deadly silent. I walked straight up to the large metal wash bin and gave it a kick. Everyone agreed that it sounded exactly like the noise that we heard from the occult room. Yet it didn’t end there. I walked over to the Alice device, as I got closer, I could see that it had crashed! Luckily, we had left the log running so that we could see what it was picking up on whilst we were absent. On checking the log, we could see that the last word shown before it crashed was “Throw”

Is it possible that a spirit had used so much energy that it was able to cause a huge surge resulting in the loud bang, whilst at the same time, recording its activity on Alice before crashing the device altogether?

I don’t really know how to describe the activity that we experienced throughout the investigation. I know that I have missed so much from the night, but it was that intense that there was just too much to take in at the time. I really hope that those that were watching the members live feed enjoyed our relaxed approach and got a feel for what we experienced. As ever, I’d like to thank Neil on behalf of Haunted Live/DeadxCentral for our invite. It was easily the best night we’ve had the privilege of being a part of at HAPRC, and we continue to fall in love with the location. For anyone that is interested in signing up to become a member to enjoy the live feeds and the many benefits associated, then follow this link – Become a Member

Lastly, thank you for letting me waffle!


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