Welcome to Haunted Insight, my name's James Pykett and you’ll usually find me stood in a cemetery with a camera in my hand. Not your usual introduction I’ll admit, but we may as well start as we mean to go on!

I’ve had a fascination with all things paranormal since the age of 15. The obsession started the moment I stepped foot in the Galleries of Justice in my home city of Nottingham. Regarded by many as the most haunted building in the UK, it’s there where I first experienced the buzz of ‘ghost hunting’ and since that night, I’ve never looked back.

After investigating many locations throughout my county, mainly through events companies, I made the decision to buy myself a small digital camera. I’d decided that I wanted to photograph and document
the many haunted and historic locations near to myself. I wanted to research their history and ghost stories, before starting to compile a kind of local database – Haunted Nottinghamshire had been

Before I knew it, I’d created a Facebook page, then a Twitter account, before expanding onto Instagram to share my findings with anyone and everyone that would listen. It was going so well. It was everything that I wanted to create, I loved it, but then I ran into a big problem. I’d visited pretty much everywhere in Nottinghamshire. I knew I needed to broaden my horizons, to explore and experience more, but it meant the end of Haunted Nottinghamshire.

In November 2018, I decided to create a website where I could showcase more locations than ever. By then, my photography equipment had grown significantly, and I hope you’d agree that my skills had too. I needed a new name and after many days of deliberation I decided on Haunted Insight. My main reasoning for this, was because I wanted to give you an insight into my world through the use of my images. I wanted to share my passion for both the paranormal and photography, to combine the two and to showcase what the UK has to offer.

So here we now are, if you got this far then I applaud you, as I fell asleep at least twice in writing this. I hope you enjoy the website and have as much fun following me on my adventures as much as I do experiencing them.
Remember, this isn’t for everyone… Only The Grave!

James - Haunted Insight

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