We all dream of travelling the World in search of the most haunted locations that our minds could only imagine… So, when I first happened to stumble across a certain Instagram profile, I was slightly jealous! Filled with images from around the globe, the creepiest locations known to the paranormal World, yet what surprised me most, was that the same person stood in them all. I am of course talking about Amy Waine, or better known as – Amy’s Crypt.

Amy is an explorer who combines her love of travelling with her other main passion – the paranormal! I’m going to put this out there from the start, I honestly think she may have visited more haunted locations than any other person – EVER! Don’t agree? Then prove me wrong! On my own personal journey, I’ve only ventured around the UK, yet Amy on the other hand has travelled across Europe, The Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Here’s a little background to this Dark Tourist – “As a child my interests were naturally peaked by anything most other children were afraid of. I’d spend too much time in front of the television watching horror movies about monsters that kept my peers awake at night. This lust for anything strange and spooky grew with me and a new-found interest in travel. Since relocating from Australia to San Francisco I have blended these passions, travelling to and documenting my adventures to many haunted locations.  Now I have created an online journal of detailed information other dark children may find appealing.”

I know – she sounds cool as F##k right?! I still scare myself to this day, yet she’s been obsessed with the things that scare even the bravest of us since she was a child.

I was going to do a Q & A with Amy, but I almost felt like that would ruin it with a list of favourite locations etc Instead, I think you need to click on the links above and check her out on YouTube/Instagram to see for yourself! I honestly can’t decide, there’s so many places, so much activity, you’ll be there for days!

Locations Investigated –

Right normally I’d list the top ten or give you a short run of where, but honestly, I don’t know where to start.

Get on Amy’s Crypt and drop into the blog area, from a quick count, there are 127 locations across 5 continents… I am in awe!

Ok I’ll choose my Top 10 purely on where I’d go myself –

- RMS Queen Mary

- Paris Catacombs

- Old Adelaide Gaol

- The Island of the Dolls

- The Lizzie Borden Murder House

- Alcatraz

- Salem Witch House

- The Duran Sanatorium

- Snagov Monastery

- Hoia Baciu Forest

I mean COME ON! Amy you’re killing me!

On a serious note, I have a huge amount of respect for Amy. Both herself and Jarrad are doing what most of us could only dream of, they are getting out there and experiencing everything that they can, and for that I salute you!

These features are normally only a very short overview of an investigator and they give just a small ‘Insight’ into that person. I must almost stop myself short on this one though, I could write all day and get myself immersed in Amy’s Adventures. Luckily though, that has recently become even more accessible as she is now streaming on VIDIspace, a paranormal platform that was created by Nick Groff & Elizabeth Saint. I am very familiar to it as a member of HauntedLIVE, we are also on there and I know for certain that it will only help Amy in her quest, which in my opinion, is already light years ahead of anyone else’s!

Thank you for letting me run this feature on you, and thank you to Jarrad for the use of the images sent… I think they look great!


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