An Autumn walk at Rufford Abbey, what could be better? It was the perfect setting for a photo shoot with Barrie John, not far from his home. After a warm cup of tea and far too many custard pastries, it was time for Barrie to hit some poses whilst we walked and talked everything paranormal.

Barrie learnt of his ability in contacting spirit from a very early age, and as soon as he did, his desire and love for mediumship continued to grow. After owning his first set of tarot cards as a teenager, he pursued in honing his skills and producing readings that amazed even himself. Imagine that, whilst I was playing on FIFA 08, Barrie was already on his way to becoming the Internationally known Medium that he is to this day.

When you spend time with him, you realise that despite his imposing stature, he’s really a softie at heart, I’ve met his dogs, one is 8” tall and I found her far more frightening than him! As we walked the grounds of the Old Abbey, he was very eager to offer advice and help at every turn, even in the poses, I think he may have done it a few times before, and hopefully from what we produced, it shone through.

Barrie is continually running his events for the public, whilst also working with paranormal groups and offering his services to all manner of projects. He admits, he is extremely lucky to have worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, whilst learning and embracing it all along the way. What I like about him when it comes to this, is that he’s stood the test of time. We see numerous faces come and go for many reasons unbeknown to us, but longevity in this field is rare, and it also tells you everything that you need to know about a person. 

Previous appearances and projects -

- Most Haunted

- Lesley Smith The Curator of Tutbury Castle

- Reverend Colin Fry

- ITV's This Morning

- Phillip Schofield/Holly Willoughby/Eamonn Holmes/Ruth Langsford

- BBC Radio Nottingham

- Richard Felix of Derby Gaol

And a huge number more!

After our shoot, there was only one thing for it, lunch! We continued to talk about what may lie ahead, especially next year, with exciting projects and ideas being thrown back and forth, I really can’t wait to see what the future holds. I almost forgot to mention our trip to Thoresby Manor, after meeting staff and having a laugh about what access the location allows, it appears that a Haunted Live and Barrie John collaboration could well be on the horizon.

All in all, it was great to spend time with the person that conducted and lead the first ever paranormal investigation that I attended. After a 13/14-year break, our paths crossed to talk about the future… who’d have thought it?


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