This is the first location to be given its own feature page, and in my opinion, it’s more than granted. A unique idea that has since been replicated elsewhere, that must be a huge compliment. I am of course talking about The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre in Hinckley.

When I first heard about Neil’s location I was intrigued. His idea was to fill the building with antiques and old items full of history and character. Being an investigator himself, he wanted to see if items that he had collected were haunted, or, in other words, had an attachment to them. There are many world-famous cases where items are said to carry an energy, not always a positive one I’ll admit, but this idea was genius, and as far as I’m aware, it’s was the first of its kind in the UK.

I first visited Haunted Antiques with my HauntedLIVE team mates. I’ve never really been a sensitive, I get a vibe like most people but that’s as far as my skills go, but there was an exception here. As you enter the premises, you make your way up a long set of stairs. You then approach the door to the tea room/shop area. Looking around, there’s only one other door off this room, and it’s straight into the main room with a plethora of items that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Peaky Blinders! As I made my way up to the door, I felt excited and I just wanted to explore. I then took my first step into the room and stopped dead in my tracks. I had a huge feeling that hit me, like I’d stepped back 100 years, it reminded me very much of a déjà vu moment. After around 5 seconds of composing myself I continued, but I’ll never forget that initial impact that it had on me. I personally believe I was hitting some sort of gateway or energy field, most likely being omitted from the items in the room. It was a surreal welcoming, and after talking to guests and visitors alike, it’s one that’s felt and shared by many.

The freedom that you get at the centre is what sets it apart. This isn’t a museum where items are off limits, this is different in that you can pick up, touch and sit down in anything that your heart desires. With 3 main areas being The Main Room, The Witch Area and then the séance room, there really is something for everyone with military equipment, a Dyybuk box and a table that moves on its own… No seriously, I’ve seen it!

Every time that I’ve visited the energy feels different. It could be that on certain days differing items are stronger than others, with the attachments being able to harness and express their strength in relation to the conditions present? I’m no expert as you can probably tell; my explanations reflect my opinion about the centre in that I just seem to walk away with more questions than I do answers. No more so than when Barri Ghai joined the HauntedLIVE team for a recent show where the activity was mind-blowing. We must have documented 4-5 Class – A EVP recordings. I then watched as Barri appeared to be tipped out of the wheelchair in the corner of the main room, and then later I also witnessed the table in the séance room get pushed whilst everyone present had their hands raised. At the end of the investigation we were all lost for words.

I could talk about the centre for hours on end and still have no more answers than when I started, that for me shows just how special this place is. If you want to experience it for yourself then make sure that you connect at the top of the page by following them on Twitter and liking the Facebook page. If you are local then you can pop in for a cup of tea whilst having a wander scanning the various exhibits, or if you are more serious about experiencing the centre, you could join the HauntedLIVE team on one of their exclusive mid-week events. I also believe that Neil hires the location to Paranormal Investigation Teams/Groups, so there really is no excuse… Get down there!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Neil Packer and his team for running such a great venue that I for one hold close to my heart. The work that they put in is tireless, all for the love of the paranormal and for people like you and me to enjoy! Keep it up guys!


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