A group of friends ghost hunting, it's how most of us started out, wasn't it? I'm lucky enough to be part of the HauntedLIVE team, consisting of 5 close friends that live and breathe the paranormal. 

When Facebook announced its LIVE feature, we were part of a team that streamed the FIRST EVER live ghost hunt. The reaction was more than we could ever have expected, the interaction whilst streaming was what set it apart. Being able to talk to the viewers was key, asking them questions and also answering theirs, meant that they could feel like they were an integral part of what we were doing.

We have received huge amounts of media coverage and the opportunities from it have blown us away - Most notably taking part in Quest Red TV's Lockdown Shockdown at Halloween. You can find us on Twitter every week by searching for #HauntedThursday - but be prepared for 2 hours of pure paranormal shenanigans!

As a team we have been fortunate enough to have investigated so many notable locations such as -

- 30 East Drive

- Bosworth Hall

- Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre

- The Magna Science Adventure Centre

- Carnfield Hall

- The Old Victorian School

- The Robin Hood Legacy

And many more that escape my mind...

Due to viewer demand, we have started organising public events at some of the best locations in the UK. We have exclusive Ghost Hunts at the historic and haunting Bosworth Hall, a 17th century mansion steeped in mystery. The location never fails to amaze us as a team, the staff embrace it to its fullest, and they don't half put on a good spread! Seriously... if your food is as important as you ghost hunting... then this won't disappoint!

Another location that we are lucky enough to hold events at, is the unique Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre. The idea was born when owner, Neil Packer, decided that he wanted to see if antiques and historic items were haunted. He acquired a property on Regent Street in Hinckley Leicestershire. He has since filled it with items such as haunted dolls, medical equipment from WWI & WWII, and, well to see the rest you'll just have to visit yourself! The place is stacked with paranormal energy and it hits you as soon as you enter... We just love it there!

There are many new and exciting proposals that we will be looking at as we enter 2019. I can't believe how fast this year has gone, and again, how much fun we've had in our Haunted Live journey. We are extremely lucky to be able to meet new people, stream to new faces, and hold events at new locations. We don't take your support for granted, we just enjoy what we do, and if you do too, then we are happy!


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