Haunted Magazine will soon be embarking on its 10th birthday, and if you've ever taken the time to read this awesome publication, it's easy to see why. When something is made right... it lasts!

With interviews from the biggest names in the industry, to breakthrough writers such as myself, there really is something for everyone. But that's not all, yes, they have the best content and yes, they work tirelessly in gathering all the pieces to the puzzle, yet there's something else that sets them apart - it's design. It's impeccable, it's flawless, to be honest it's a thing of beauty.

Although Haunted Magazine is the best that money can't buy, as it's FREE online, they went one better. Every issue that is released, now has its own limited-edition print, meaning that if you are a purest like myself, you can have a physical copy.

The reason I believe Haunted Magazine to be the best is down to two things, the friendship between Paul and Andy, and their joint desire to keep bettering the previous issue. Paul works day and night acquiring the best interviews and writers, whereas Andy seems to have a kind of magic when it comes to design. When you bring these qualities together, the accumulation is in my opinion, the best paranormal based publication available!

Guest writers -

- Nick Groff

- Zak Bagans

- Katrina Weidman

- Elizabeth Saint

- Derek Acorah

Plus, new and upcoming writing talent!

Taken from the website, this is what they have to say -

Haunted Magazine is a FREE magazine about all things, ghostly, spooky and things that go bump in the night. Its primary aim is to do what a magazine should – entertain its readers. It’s not there to preach, to bamboozle you with science. It’s packed full of paranormal pleasure. It has a modern and fun approach to the history and mystery of the paranormal. It is written and designed for you – because, essentially, we are YOU, we’re lovers of the paranormal, we love ghost stories, we love exploring the unknown and we love being creative with Haunted Magazine!

Haunted Issue 21 is OUT NOW and as usual is packed full of all things paranormal, they have exclusives with Tennessee Wraith Chasers and their latest project, Haunted Live; Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman talk Paranormal Lockdown UK, plus so much more paranormal pleasure that Haunted Magazine is renowned for!

P.S. The Mag is in COLOUR...


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