If you're not already aware, I'm James, and I like to wander the historic sites of Nottinghamshire, camera in hand! Ok, it's a bit more in depth than that but, in essence, I'm in love with the history of where I've grown up, combine that with the ghost stories that accompany many of these locations, and I'm then in my element!

My journey into the paranormal started back when I was around 16 years old. I went on my first investigation at the Galleries of Justice Museum - now known as the National Justice Museum. The building and site that it sits on is reputedly one of the most haunted locations in the UK, so for a first investigation, it really didn't get any better than that. The event itself was ran by Barrie John. Barrie has since gone onto many new and exciting projects, such as appearing on Living TV's Most Haunted series, where his mediumship skills have been recognised and celebrated throughout the psychic world. We knew that with Barrie, we'd be looked after, but little did we know what the night was going to have in store. In short, the experiences that I had that night changed my perspective on the spirit world forever, and they still live with me until this day.

A few years back I was continuing to join events companies and exploring what was my addiction, when I had an idea. The problem I was facing in between events, was that I was itching to do something else, to learn and to explore more and more without having to wait weeks at a time. At that point, I started a little Facebook page, where I went to as many locations as I could, photographing and writing about both their history and hauntings - Haunted Nottinghamshire was born. The Facebook page continued to grow, naturally I expanded to other social media such as Twitter and Instagram. Combined, I now have around 14,000 people that I'm able to interact and showcase my findings to, and long may it continue!

These days I don't seem to have the problem of not getting my ghostly fix! As a regular writer for Haunted Magazine, and being one fifth of the Haunted Live team, I'm kept busy learning and enjoying this great field with close friends. As part of Haunted Live, I've been lucky enough to have investigated some of the best-known locations in the UK, all whilst streaming it to huge public audiences. I never dreamt that my passion would have ever grown into what it has now, but I'm extremely lucky and grateful that it has.

Locations Investigated -

- 30 East Drive

- Newstead Abbey

- Wollaton Hall

- Nottingham Castle

- Bosworth Hall

- The Exorfist House

- Pryzym Nightclub Nottingham

- Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre

And many more that escape my mind...

So, that's a little about me, and the fact that you are on this page means that you've already discovered Haunted Insight. Yes, I have built and run this website. Haunted Insight was created as I didn't want to be limited by my Haunted Nottinghamshire title. Although that's what I'm best known for, I wanted somewhere that I could showcase everything that I'm involved in and that I celebrate about the paranormal. Make sure that you explore your favourite features and keep up to date with the latest articles from the home page!

Thanks for letting me waffle - That's another one of my many hobbies...


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