One fifth of Haunted Live, one half of Haunted Magazine, fully - The Haunted Guy! It's difficult to choose a starting point with Andy, unlike me, he isn't a jack of all trades, he's a master of all.

The first thing that immediately springs to mind for me, is his amazing design skills. If you've ever read Haunted Magazine, whether online or a hard copy, you'll know that both graphically and design wise, it is as close to perfect as you can get. He designs all the Haunted Live posters and branding, mainly because the rest of us can't be bothered, but also because he's not too shabby at it! If you've been over to the Haunted Live page and read about our involvement with Quest Red TV, then it'll be no surprise to you that The Haunted Guy is responsible for EVERY poster that we have released. His design and artwork have been used on social media by Nick Groff of Paranormal Lockdown, and that's a big enough compliment if you ask me.

Now, when I said he was a master of all trades, I meant it. The one thing that Andy holds close to his heart is his music. His debut album 'Earth - A New Vision' has been a huge success. It's impeccably put together, in fact, you could say that about each piece on the album.

Here's the track list - 

1 - Before Dawn

2 - First Light

3 - In Orbit

4 - Our Friends In The North

5 - Northern Lights

6 - Skyline

7 - The Meridian Approaches

8 - Relativity

9 - The East Wind

10 - Changes

11 - The Promised Land

12 - Last Light

After exposure and warm reviews on BBC Music Introducing in The East Midlands, I can only see his music going from strength to strength. I am personally a big fan, his style is fresh, uplifting yet soothing, there's a bit of something for everyone and I'm extremely excited for what the future has in store for him.

If you want to keep up to date with all things The Haunted Guy, then go to the top of the page and stay connected via Website/Twitter/Facebook/YouTube. From there you'll find a plethora of ways to interact, listen and embrace his music and design... He's not a bad writer too...

Anyway, I'll stop babbling on, if you haven't heard of The Haunted Guy then now you have, and one thing I am sure of is that you won't forget him!


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