Well this meet was slightly overdue! I first spoke to Tom around 4 years ago, at the time I was just starting out as Haunted Nottinghamshire and I saw Tom everywhere, and I mean everywhere! I don’t know what it is about the County of Nottinghamshire, not only do I think that it’s one of the most haunted, but there’s a hell of a lot of haunted people here too! We had arranged to meet and have a chat, yet 4 years on we hadn’t met – and we only live 5 minutes apart!

If you don’t know who Tom is, which is highly unlikely, then he’s a paranormal investigator from Nottingham in the UK. Over the years Tom has built up a fanatical fan base, most notably on YouTube where his subscriber numbers have toppled the 60,000 mark. That’s impressive in any field, but there’s a secret to it, and I believe that it’s his consistency. At times it’s not unheard of for Tom to produce 2/3 live ghost hunts in a week… yes… A WEEK! The guy lives and breathes ghost hunting, as he’s also founder and producer of the Haunted Finders TV series. Tom and his crew travel the length of Britain to investigate and explore the unknown in some of the most notorious locations.

This year Tom has already booked out numerous locations for both the Haunted Finders series and his own investigations. His enthusiasm is evident, as we were meeting for the shoot at Annesley Old Church, he bought his EVP recorder and commenced a couple of burst sessions and in doing so, managed to capture an awesome EVP. I spoke in detail about locations that he’s visited and one that stands out is the Ancient Ram Inn. Tom and the Haunted Finders Team had unbelievable evidence that they captured on their visit to the famous location, and if you have already seen the episode and were left wanting more, then don’t worry – they are going back!

Locations investigated –

- Ancient Ram Inn 

- The Witches Woods

- Errwood Hall

- Monk Abbey

- Jedburgh Castle Jail

- Edinburgh Vaults

- Cannock Chase

He’s also partial to the odd graveyard like myself…

Like I’ve already said, today had been a long time coming. It was great to finally meet the man himself and spend some time talking all things spooky. It’s clear that Tom has an extremely busy year ahead, but for his fans both current and new, they are in for a few treats I can tell you! If you want to connect with Tom, then make sure that you hit the links at the top of the page. He regularly goes live on Facebook and YouTube, you’ll never be left waiting long for his next haunted adventure!


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