It’s weird how the Universe works isn’t it? I don’t know why I started with that line, but I’ll try to explain! I first met Vicky on Twitter through the crazy banter filled nights known as #HauntedThursday! Two hours where fans of Paranormal Lockdown came together to give an online commentary to what we were all watching, ever seen Gogglebox? That’s the best way I can describe it. It quickly became apparent that Vicky wasn’t just a huge fan of the paranormal, but she was also an investigator and writer. I checked out her blog, and now, I am kind of involved with it?! That’s why I started with that line after all!

As you know, I began Haunted Insight at the back end of November 2018. Since then I have been lucky enough to feature some awesome investigators whilst photographing some of the most beautifully haunted locations. It has been my escape and development from Haunted Nottinghamshire, I’ve enjoyed every moment of it, but here’s the bit that you don’t know… I loved Vicky’s Dead Central Blog that much, it was the catalyst and inspiration behind Haunted Insight. So, in January when I received a message from Vicky, to say I was surprised was an understatement. She had seen what I was doing, she had the idea that together Dead Central and Haunted Insight could work together, and ever since that moment, we haven’t looked back!

I have been trying to run a feature on Vicky since we joined forces in January, but it’s not been that simple. A tad camera shy, she has taken me to many locations that would have been perfect for photos but in the end, I just had to be sneaky with it!

Based in Leicester and being very much in the centre of the UK, she has been able to travel the length and breadth of England in search of her ghostly fix. There aren’t many locations that I can mention to her that she hasn’t already covered, but the benefit of that is that she knows where to go when we get to them… or NOT! Ok, she’s an amazing blogger, an infectious investigator, but a terrible navigator! If there were only two options of left and right, she’d make up a third and go straight ahead!

Reading through her blogs can become a bit of an obsession. As you cover her adventures you can almost hear the excitement in her voice as she tells it, picking up on crucial moments within investigations, both emotion and sheer delight are evident, only compounding the love for what she is doing.

As I’ve already mentioned, Vicky has covered more locations that I can even list on here, but if you head over to the blog at the end of this feature, you’ll be able to read about –

- Wardsend Cemetery

- The Hermit Cave

- Grace Dieu Priory

- The Galleries of Justice

- Tatton Old Hall

- Hatton Court Hotel

- Moira Furnace

- Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre

- Fort Horsted

- Bosworth Hall

And… even a blog covering Paranormal Lockdown with input from Nick Groff!

I’ve not mentioned half of the locations that Vicky and the Dead Central blog have investigated, but I do know of so many more that will be making an appearance in the coming months as we continue our Dead Insight Vlog… Yes, that’s the combination of our skills and ideas of which we are SUPER excited about! We have so much lined up so make sure that you keep up to date with the blog and please subscribe – IT’S FREE!

I always knew that this feature page was going to be a tough one to write. I tried to keep it unbiased as I do the others, although the main reason people are featured on here is because of my love for them and what they do, and this one is no different!

Working closely with the Dead Central Blog really makes you appreciate the work that goes into it, the research, the stress, but in the end, the enjoyment and satisfaction of getting out there and doing what you love! The last few months have been awesome, I’ve almost died at least twice, we’ve argued about food (Every single time) but most importantly, we have gained and documented some amazing paranormal activity! Here's to more arguments about locations and gaining more food... that sounds better!

Oh, and before I finish, there is something big lined up for Dead Central! You do not want to miss it so please subscribe for free here - DEAD CENTRAL


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